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Creative, Eye-Catching Designs to Create Brand Awareness and Make You Stand Out!

  • A simple, cost-effective way to reach an entire neighborhood without a mailing list!
  • Reach your target audience for only 19¢/each in postage - no mailing permit required!
  • Saturate an entire street with an oversized card (6.25" x 8.5") or (4.5" x 11") for as low as 22¢/each.
  • Full service and retail options available - USPS paperwork and bundles prepared for you.

1.Click here to access the USPS mapping tool. Use this tool only to obtain the total quantity for each route you select. Please do not pay for postage on You will be given the option to use our full mailing service (which includes postage) after you add an EDDM card to your shopping cart.

2. Enter an address, state and zip to see the routes in that area.

3. Highlight the routes you want to target to get total addresses for each route . You must mail to all residents on a given route, but you can exclude businesses from the quantity you order.

4. Select an EDDM card below and click order. The quantity you enter must match the quantity from the route(s) you selected in Step 3 above.

Call us at (800) 988-5881 to learn more or if you need help placing your order. You can change the color scheme on any card to match your company’s colors for no additional charge.

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